Tragicomedy for a lone puppet.
 “THE GINODRAMATragicomedy for a lone puppet.
Written, brought to life and hand knitted in crochet by Carolina Khoury.

Gino is a middle aged man who finds himself fantasizing about other, possible lives, which enthral him to the point that he begins to believe in his own lies. Gino’s got nothing left, has never taken a risk in his life and now has got to blow the dust off the old dreams that he has kept hidden away for far too long.


Ghosts from the past, outlandish disguises, tear-jerking songs and poignant dance all play their part in the odd fable of an eccentric man and his solitude.

Gino and his mum.

The Ginodrama is a tragicomic tale of a lone puppet for adults.

  • Puppet Construction: Carolina Khoury
  • Original Song : Lionello Gennero
  • Technique: Direct Manipulation
  • For audiences over: +14
  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Language:  “The Ginodrama” can be performed in Italian, English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.