Will the little Pepita succed to have  her so desired bread?                                      Nobody knows, but for certain she will try in every possible way.

pepit copyEveryone would like something unreachable and Pepita’s dream is to grab the longed for piece of bread. She’s been wandering around for many years, like a donkey and a carrot.


She walks following her bread and  she  is   sometimes   distracted  from  her  quest  by  the  curious people she mets. She doesn’t need any words to speak, her language is universal.


Performer: Carolina Khoury.
Technique: Balance , clown, mime and dance.
Duration: Itinerant performance- 30 min (can be performed                                               twice in a day)

Performance on  stage: 5 min

Language:  No words.

For audiences: all ages.