carolina caroselloleg

I feel drawn to the concept of sculpting and creating using a simple thread. I imagine shapes, colours and different consistencies and I am also constantly searching for new techniques and materials to give my puppets that little extra character and make them easier to manage. “

Gino, the puppet, was created in 2011 and is the first that I have ever entirely created using crochet. After trying a number of techniques, I finally decided that I needed something that I could use while travelling and so my use of crochet was born! I left for one of my first visit in Brazil armed with a kilo of cotton and a bag of crochet needles… I had no clear idea of what I wanted to create, but I was determined to make the best use possible of the little puppet creation experience I had been carrying around with me for a while.Slowly, stich after stich, was Gino born. He is, in fact, the first born of a numerous family now known as the “CROCHET PUPPET THEATRE”

It is a long and tortuous road that of making a crochet puppet and it took many months (and many hours of doing, un-doing and re-doing) to make Gino. This long period of time means that a real bond is built between me and my creations and I don’t feel I would be so attracted to puppetry if it wasn’t for this beautiful bridging of the artisan and thespian. “

luna_maleficaCarolina Khoury graduated from the physical theatre school, P.A.U.T. directed by Philip Radice, in 2005.She deepened her studies of clowning with Pierre Byland, Philip Hottier, Jean Mening and Luis Regalia. She studied Butoh dance with master Tadashi Endo and puppetry with Stephen Mottram, Adrian Bandirali and Neville Tranter (who she met during the P.IP. project 2011 while fitting the show Re-Frankenstein at the Incanti International Festival).

She has been actively collaborating with the Teatro della Caduta (www.teatrodellacaduta.org) since 2006 and is currently presenting, together with singer-songwriter Federico Sirianni and musician Matteo Castellan, the now famous cabaret at the Caduta every Tuesday. Her take on this celebrated event is called “La Terapia della Caduta” (Caduta Therapy) and is hosted by one of Carolina’s most recent creations, the psychotherapist Doctor Froidoni. This event can boast of sell out status at every one of its numerous showings!


She has been working with the English language theatre company “Action Theatre” for children as an actress and puppeteer since 2006. In 2012 she was chosen as performing artist in the project, “Parole e nuovi sguardi per Porta Palazzo” (Words and a New Perspective for Porta Palazzo), which was run by the Holden School and funded by San Paolo’s “Generazione Creativa” (Creative generation) project.

Carolina Khoury has taken her shows to a great number of Italian and International Festivals, including: Spectaculo Interesse 2013 (Ostrava, Czech Republic), Titiricuenca 2013 (Spain), the Sziget Festival 2010 (Hungary), Festival Alwan’art (Marocco), Festival Internacional da Chapada Diamantina 2011 (Brazil). In 2008 was selected as a representative of the street art of Piedmont at the Festival Chalon dans la Rue (Francia) where she performed her itinerant piece “Pepita Baguette”.